Top Most Reliable Sources for Students

Top Most Reliable Sources for Students

Where Can Students and Youth Find Reliable News?

Being able to get access to the latest news and information about current events helps young people to develop critical thinking and stay updated about everything that happens in the world.

Here is the list of kid-friendly websites of that kind from the best and world-known institutions like the New York Times, NASA, Smithsonian, and others.

NASA Visualization Explorer

This source helps kids and youth to keep updated with the latest news in space exploration. The information is updated weekly and is followed by astonishing pictures of special objects.

NASA Global Climate Change

Another product of NASA provides lots of newest information regarding climate changes from basic information to practical guides – all from specialists and expert sources. This one would be good for middle-schoolers and older kids.

Google News

The best way to learn all about what is going on in the world. Breaking news and current events will help students to develop their own thinking and form their personal opinion on what they hear and read. Available on Android, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, and Chrome.

The New York Times

This source, even though being mostly available for the subscribers, can give easy access to the latest news. However, only section front pages are available for non-subscribers. Available on Android, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Chrome and apps for Windows.


This is a podcast application with qualitative content and a good library of news. However, it is not designed for classrooms and lacks accessibility and additional sources. Available on Android, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Chrome, Windows Phone and apps for Windows.

Kids-Friendly News Resources

There are also several news sources that are designed and developed for kids especially and can be used in classes.

Time for Kids

This is a digital news magazine with a wide variety of articles on different topics, some of them have an audio format as well.

Tween Tribune

This Smithsonian news site is well-organized for being used in classes. It has lots of interesting content with quizzes and the possibility for teachers to follow the kids’ progress and comment on it.

News – O – Matic

This website is constructed for elementary schoolers and has flexible, interactive and engaging daily stories.


This source allows involving the students into a discussion of the latest events and news with different activities and voice narration.


Here you can find interesting, up-to-date stories and news that will catch kids’ attention and make them interested and involved.

Science News for Students

This STEM website presents news in a cool and attractive way that will make it fun for children to know about the world’s events.

Time Edge

The news website with interactive features would be good for developing critical thinking and analytical skills of children, as well as their ability to close reading.

Additional News and Research Sources

It’s not only news that is important for children and youth to know. Having access to various research sources is also a great help in studying.

National Museum of African American History

This free, well-organized and informative source can be a good addition to compelling lessons.

Smithsonian’s History Explorer

All the kids will be astonished by the excellent artifacts, interesting lessons, and activities presented on the website. Perfect for history lessons and learning the subject yourself.

Library of Congress

For all book-lovers, this is the best place to explore. However, it may be a bit tricky to navigate the website.

National Archives

Whenever you are interested in past, history, and genealogy, this website will let you dive into the U.S. past, and learn more about its population and government.

Digital Public Library of America

Tones of useful and high-grade primary sources online, however, only if a teacher can make use of it.

Data USA

A very helpful source for preparing for lessons or research. This efficient research tool will make it easier to find a piece of necessary information and statistics focused on the U.S.

Google Scholar

This is a perfect tool for searching credible data for research or investigation, as well as lessons, reports, and paper writing.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

This resource is from the  Metropolitan Museum and it presents the complete history and evolution of art and is good for research. However, the content is a bit overfilled with text.

This is not the complete list of all the educational and news sources, but even using these ones will help each child and teenager to develop their own point of view and critical thinking regarding the world events.